4 Must-try Dishes for Lebanese Cuisine Lovers

Beirut might be a very distant place if you are in Australia, but there are many solutions to this problem almost everywhere in any Australian city. In particular, chicken restaurants are very famous, and there are a lot of people who patronize these businesses often. Lebanese cuisine is an exciting mix of tasty, aromatic, and healthy food, and they’re not just limited to chicken options. This article will give more light to other dishes that deserve praise.


Aside from charcoal chicken, Kibbeh is also something that you should be addicted to. It is also Lebanon’s national dish, so rest assured that many Lebanese restaurants would get the taste entirely. This stuffed ball of minced meat can also be approached in many ways, which adds to the possibilities you can get when you are in a Lebanese restaurant. The friend exterior combined with unlimited dip and sauce choices makes it the best meal to try out if you’re craving Lebanese cuisine.

Rice Pilaf

Rice Pilaf can be easily called a staple Lebanese dish. It goes well with many options in different restaurants, especially with the best chicken and chips. Rice pilaf may look a bit simplistic at first, but it has some complicated nature to it. For instance, the mixture produced is hard to achieve, so it only means that the one cooking should have ample knowledge about rice pilaf and possible combinations.


Lebanese cuisine is full of many healthy options, and Manakish is the only one that serves its purpose while still staying a healthy choice for many people. To be exact, manakish is known and loved by many as a breakfast food, but it can be consumed any time of the day, mostly as a side dish as well. For bread with thyme topping, manakish is a delicious choice, and it is one best to recommend for those looking for something healthy yet tasty.


Lastly, we have another bread entry on this list. However, to be more precise, sfeeha is a pie, very close to pizza. Lebanon’s cuisine is full of dishes that revolve around bread, and they are also fond of eating them at lunchtime and dinner. Speeha is also known by many because of its very generous ratio that we rarely see on a pie. To be exact, it is very meaty, and anyone looking for a stuffy meal would surely love this one.

Lebanon’s cuisine is one of a kind, and it is undoubtedly one that would arrive in many countries shortly, not just in Australia. The healthy options make it attractive to many people, and the taste that the foods provide makes them stay and crave for even more.

Satisfy your Lebanese cuisine palate in Sydney.

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