Creative and Trendy Wedding Photography Concepts to Try

A wedding event is something to look forward to. It wouldn’t be complete without the help of the people who capture memories. A wedding videographer in Sydney is always in demand, yet they always come with something unique to present and showcase to many couples. However, some of these are deemed trendy and unique, so they are favorable by many couples.

Here are some of the best concepts to try if you’re eyeing for a wedding event.

Street concept

While a wedding ought to be formal, couples can easily let loose and tell their wedding filmmaker to do something different. A street concept has boomed in this decade, and it is something that you should check out if you’re not bothered by the idea.

Many design elements can take into play, and professional wedding videos could quickly be done because of the amount of freedom one can have.

Shadow play

A wedding videographer in Sydney doesn’t usually use a dark and gritty concept, but if requested, they can easily make something out to please their clients.

Shadow play is also exciting as it can deliver many messages. The creative side of a photographer or a director can easily be unleased with the available medium and angles issued by the shadows.

Water locations

Albeit typical, a wedding videographer in Sydney can make something unique from a water location concept. Although they have been exposed to many projects and clients demanding this kind of idea, they can easily branch out and create something new, perhaps even a personalized one, mimicking or correlating both preferences of a couple.

It is also worth noting that water locations are effortless to find, and traveling to one isn’t that much of a hassle, making it accessible to many couples.


Although urban and street may sound the same, they both still differ on the concept as their elements aren’t remotely the same. Urban focuses more on materials than scenery and locations, although it can easily be a mixture of both.

An urban concept is also prevalent to the millennial generation as it dramatically reflects their lifestyle.

Many concepts are floating around the internet, and it seems like every day, a dozen are being invented to aid couples with their wedding venture. Don’t be grounded with what’s included on this list, and feel free to modify them to suit your taste in the best way possible. Let your creativity flow and do something unique!

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