Pet Photography Tips and Techniques

Pets play a huge part in a lot of households so it is no wonder that pet photography is now becoming more popular. Some pets have little to zero patience and they will not stay still waiting in order for you to capture a good photograph. Use your creativeness to capture striking photographs.


  1. Catch the character of your pet – Taking photos of your pets takes on a deeper sense when you are able to capture their personality in a photo. It is a great idea to snap pets in their favored spots or enjoying their favorite pastime such as catching a Frisbee or eating their much loved treats. To capture your pet’s personality, you can think what is exceptional about your pet then try to capture that distinctiveness on camera.


  1. Freeze the moment – Capturing photos while your pet is playing is an excellent way to capture remarkable shots with character. Since your pet will be moving fast and you like to make certain the images are free from blur, switch the dial to S or TV mode so you can regulate how you freeze the moment. Set the focus to continuous focusing so that the camera lens can continuously keep its focus while your pet is running. For multiple shots make use of continuous shooting mode and just hold down the shutter as long as you prefer.


  1. Aim for their eyes – In their quiet moments, during bedtime or after eating for instance, move in closer for some expressive and dramatic photos. Use spot metering of your camera and focus on their eyes – this one must be sharp –avoid flash if probable, for that softer look. An orderly background with soft colors is recommended because it is not too distracting.


  1. Include people – A simple portrait of a pet alone or with their owner is such a classic one. Use outdoor lighting in order to avoid flash since it can distract your pet. A shallow depth of field makes subject in the center sharp so be sure you focus on their eyes. Keep in mind to be quick when capturing this type of image since pets are easily distracted when they are outdoors.


  1. Avoid using a camera flash – Flash can be scary for a small pet. Flash can shock them or make them anxious and hide. If your pet’s color is light, white fur to be exact will appear washed out when captured with a flash. Try to avoid using camera flash with pets that live in tanks, as glass will mirror the camera flash making an unappealing white hotspot. This is likewise true with metal crates because even dull metal will appear white under the beam.


Pets can deliver a range of interesting images from sweet and cute to dramatic and expressive. Establish a rapport with the pet by using toys and giving treats to reward them when they are behaving well. Feeding pets first is at all times a good idea as it leaves them more relaxed. When your pet goes outside be sure you have an assistant helping in instance they break free. Take various shots, and among them could be an appealing and winning image.

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